About Bir

About Bir

Bir is situated in Dhauladhar range of north India Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh. Bir is situated at the elevation of 1525 m from sea level. It is 30 km far from Palampur. Billing is 14Km from Bir and situated at the attitude of 8000 feet from Sea Level. Bir billing camping, trekking & paragliding is known nationwide, not only because of the adventure sports people can enjoy here , but also the location is has it all to break-up with any kind of stress in life. Bir and billing are like 2 faces of coin, while bir’s the take off point for paragliders, billing’s landing place. So, guys if you are on for a soothing & adventurous long weekend, you must give bir billing himachal Pradesh a thought for sure. Pre-book your holiday package to avail discount!!

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